Creating spaces, images and drawings using an array of media



Studio design work where architectural design is studied and concepts emmerge, ranging from residential through to commercial located within New Zealand, the Pacific and Ireland.


 Photos captured from around the world of striking buildings, cityscapes and lush landscapes. Shooting between an Olympus OMD EM-5, Iphone6 and GoPro Session.  

Drawings and Design

 Hand pencil sketches sit alongside laser cut designs, pottery and ceramics followed by ink and watercolour calligraphy and prints. An exploration of media used for the expansion of skills and a meditative creative outlet.

The Introspective Pavilion


This thesis follows a constructive narrative promoted where the use of light as a vehicle to synthesize two contrasting elements; namely, spiritual contemplation and construction methodologies that incorporate timber. Light is used to do so by complying with both the measurable (built form) and the intangible (spiritual experience). I aim to portray the dialectical balance of the physical and metaphysical by the use of the sanctuary, "The Introspective Pavilion", which is a 1:1 full-scale installation.


RENDER 3.jpg
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Sixty-Degree Angles


The major idea that branches out from my week one project was that of intersecting paths of individuals represented by lines, and the nodes at which they meet. The final design intention is to remove as many walls and thus doors as possible with the intention of differentiating functions within the home by differing floor levels. The crossing paths of one inhabitant with another reflects back upon the drawings and images produced in week one where intersecting lines are splayed across the page. This typology of interconnection is something I am trying to enhance within the built environment, in an attempt to create more human interaction physically rather than digitally in an era that is increasingly isolated. This notion improves upon emotional well-being and aims to consequently reduce mental illness. The psychology behind this intention is explored thoroughly in many studies where relationships and time spent with friends and family resulted in a decrease in depression ("ʺThe New Science of Happiness,"ʺ Claudia Wallis, Time Magazine, Jan. 09, 2005). 


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interior 4.jpg
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Manawa Runga Ake Te Wai


A safe-haven cracking from the core, acquiescing to the surrounding landscape that percolates through a fractured shield.

Manawa runga ake te wai unites as a “body” of acute shards of the fragmented prior fortress. The hostile disarray proving to be the only source of refuge within the powerfully barren landscape framed by boisterous waters. The perception of protection no longer exists for those seeking adrenaline and rugged adventure, yet comfort can be achieved when those who reject luxury reside here.

This splintering light received from the western sunset spears into the dining and function area. Whilst accommodation spaces open up to the slivers of the cliff face in which the structure protrudes into, obtaining a diffused mystical light into these sacred spaces. Creating two highly contrasting atmospheres within the differing programs, yet both encompassing a sense of magic and charming ethereal qualities.


redone section 1 accomodation 1 50.jpg
redone section 2 function 1 50.jpg



Our installation is based on the idea of ‘Anti-Gravity;’ creating spaces that defy the parameters of everyday perspective and inverting the normal way people see and experience the world around them. Specifically, we broke down the perception of Christchurch and eventuated with a flower form as a symbolic embodiment of the region known as the ‘Garden City.’ We plan on producing a form representing the regrowth and repopulation of the city, which prior to the event can be fully redistributed for a second purpose. Our prototype proposes the structure be made entirely of road cones, a symbol of Christchurch’s dislocation, an indicator of destruction and now the slow rebuild.


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Flexible Wood


A installation based on the notion of hard materials becoming fluid with a tactile and malleable effect. A chamfered edge is applied to timber plywood, that is further screwed onto a heavy duty canvas banner. The timber is pushed to its limits by folding it in every possible orientation the geometry will allow before fastening the 'sheets' onto fence panels for display. The weekend art event in Auckland showcased 'Flexible Wood' as a feature installation.